Q: Should I go with the Routine, Rush, or Priority Service ?
A: Generally, If you need your service completed within 2 days
we recommend Rush service.
If you need your service completed within 24 hours or less,
we recommend Priority.
All other services will be considered Routine,
and can sometimes take 5 days, or more to complete.
( depending on the difficulty of service, and the
Process Server's overall workload for that week )

Q: I have more than one Defendant, or Witness I need served at the
same address location, do I get a price break ?
A: Yes, the first defendant served is the base charge.
The second, third, etc. are additional defendants. There is only a
$20 charge per each additional "served at the same time, same case"

Q: How many service attempts do you make ?
A: Unlimited attempts until served. Or until we determine we have an
incorrect address. ( defendant moved, address typo, etc. )
We will attempt your service mornings, afternoons, late nights,
and weekends, whatever it takes to get your defendant served.

Q: What happens if I provide you with a wrong, or incorrect service address ?
A: We will attempt whatever address you give us, but if it's incorrect,
we will need to get a new correct address, and another service fee.

Q: Can your Investigator find an address for my Defendant, or Witness ?
A: Yes, our Investigator is usually very accurate, and current with his
information, check our Investigation page for rates.

Q: How do you notify me when the service is complete ?
A: We call you with that information as soon as possible

and then mail the Proof of Service back to you.

Q: Don't you file the Proof of Service / Affidavit with the Court ?
A: We only file your Proof of Service per your "Special Request",
and as long as the court branch is located within the county of Los Angeles.
Otherwise we mail back the Proof of Service to you, so that you can file with the court.

Q: Do I need a "Notarized" Proof of Service / Affidavit ?
Generally only our Out-of- State Clients require a Notarized Proof.

Q: Can I come to your office, and drop-off my paperwork ?
A: No, we are an internet based Process Serving Company.
Please mail, fax, or email us the documents for service.

Q: Could you bill me, or my company after the service is complete ?
A: No, we do not bill our clients. All services are Pre-paid.